The Eastern Shore Police Association of Maryland was organized by local
police officers in 1958. The purpose of the Association is to bring all
divisions of Law Enforcement together so they can meet and discuss the
ever-changing procedures, which affect our patterns of work on the Eastern
Shore. It is the intent of the Association to unite the efforts of Law
Enforcement personnel. Through contacts with the elected officials of the
Shore and State we are able to help legislative matters pass or get
defeated, depending on how they affect our Law Enforcement Officers.
Through our representative on the Maryland Police Training Commission
we have input on all matters that concern officer training. The Maryland

Any person working in Law Enforcement working on the Eastern Shore of
Maryland may submit an application for
just a proud title and has the same membership as active.
MEMBERSHIP is those Officers who are not or have not been Officers on
the Shore. Your membership would help ensure that our goal is
accomplished. I hope that you will join us. If you have any questions, please
call me.

Robin E. Roberts
President, ESPA 
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5425 Sharptown Road
Rhodesdale, MD 21659
Telephone 410-883-3500
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